Everyone needs a STARTING POINT! Let us be yours!

The STARTING POINT professional services was founded in February 2017, launched in November 2017 and opened January 2018. The STARTING POINT is a registered general partnership in BC by husband and wife team, Victoria + Justin Jaenig.

Victoria has a background in media, arts, communications, business, marketing, Aboriginal business, First Nations community and Indigenous knowledge and protocols.

Justin has a background in customer service, client care and a love of bushcraft, archery, outdoor living and food sovereignty specifically the harvesting and growing of food.

Their passions in life, their love of learning, the consistent request for the sharing of what they know and being an active part in family and community has led Mr and Mrs Jaenig to form the STARTING POINT Professional Services.

Together Victoria + Justin have committed to providing services and programs to make the STARTING POINT easier to find for clients living and/ or residing within the BC Interior!