for personal and professional development projects, events or planning services within the BC Interior!

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The STARTING POINT Professional Services

"Confidently leading others to the places they've seen in their dreams."

Professional Development

Public workshops or private sessions to provide clients with tools relating to employment, entrepreneurship, education and economic or community development.

Personal Development

Programs aimed at identifying and removing personal barriers, real or perceived, of individual clients, communities or organizations.

Project/ Event Planning

Our team of facilitators, event planners and project coordinators delivering projects or services in and around communities.

Featured Programs, Projects or Events

Everyone has a STARTING POINT! Let us be yours!

The STARTING POINT provides Professional Development workshops and services;
Corporate Networking events & services;
Personal development information sessions, groups, workshops & events; &
Personal Planning Services & Social/ Networking events and activities;

All-for-One Client Services

Private sessions or consultations with a member of our team to identify an individual client's, business or organization's "STARTING POINT". Together We will build a plan with measureable goals and attainable deadlines in an effort to achieve your desired outcome! The STARTING POINT will encourage the journey by providing support when and as needed!

Meet the STARTING POINT Professional Services Community

The STARTING POINT has a fleet of individuals with diverse backgrounds and knowledge who are confident in their abilities to lead our clients (and in some cases their clients) towards the places they see in their dreams! Whether those places are personal, professional, corporate or communal- Our team provides the STARTING POINT!

The STARTING POINT Professional Services is a Canadian registered general partnership in BC by husband and wife team, Victoria + Justin Jaenig. They are a small business based out of Kamloops, BC. The Jaenig's currently provide resources and support to clients living and/ or residing within the BC Southern or Central Interior but are open to discuss travelling outside the Interior upon request!

Their passions in life, their love of learning, the consistent request for the sharing of what they know and being an active part in family and community has led Mr and Mrs Jaenig to form the STARTING POINT Professional Services.

Victoria has a background in media, arts, communications, business, marketing, Aboriginal business, First Nations community and Indigenous knowledge and protocols. Justin has a background in customer service, client care and a love of bushcraft, archery, outdoor living and food sovereignty specifically the harvesting and growing of food.

Victoria Jaenig, Managing Partner

Mrs. Jaenig, is the Director of Operations and Lead Facilitator for the T.E.A.M. Building and L.I.F.E. Skills programs;

Justin Jaenig, Partner/ Project Lead

Mr. Jaenig is the Project Lead for the Outdoor and Recreational Programs and Lead Facilitator for the MAN Cave;

Our Service Area

Providing resources and support to clients residing within the BC Southern and Central Interior!;